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• Congratulations Roger and Mirka Federer — twin girls! Wow, Mirka is such a trouper to carrying twins in her third trimester and sitting through four hours plus of (nerve-wracking) tennis! I'm sure they'll be a sweet family. The girls are named Charlene Riva and Myla Rose. I wonder where the names come from; Roger said they were fighting over them. Mirka deserves to name them whatever she wants!

• Really, I don't mean to pile on Johnny Depp… I don't! But with "Mr Tom Hanson" starring in a movie by Michael Mann, and then co-starring with Michael Sheen in Alice in Wonderland, what can I do? It's just like I'll have to see the new Twilight movie New Moon because Michael Sheen is in it! I guess you put Michael Sheen in anything (ampalaya, calculus, dentistry)  , and you'll be tempted to think twice about it, haha.

Yup, they're the same guy. He's THAT good.

• Isn't YouTube wonderful? I did this blog entry to the tune of "Hey Deanie" by Shaun Cassidy. I was a Joe Hardy girl way back in the day, but really I had no knowledge about his music career or what he did on The Hardy Boys. I was really a babe and just latched on to him as my first TV crush. "Hey Deanie" is deadly catchy… I'm warning you! Some wonderful person has also uploaded a slew of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries  on YouTube! Oh, Shaun… you nailed all the snark on the show (I kid you not — the shows had some!), but couldn't do drama to save your life, at least your onscreen acting career! He's a successful showrunner now — American Gothic and Invasion are some of his notable work. But back then, at least the Preppie Of The Apocalypse described your pretty brilliantly! The gold standard of teen idols, Shaun was a slim-hipped fireball of charisma and charm. I'm not the first to point this out, but jeez, he was lovely, like the final product of insidious cloning experiments using genetic material from baby squirrels and woodland elves. Preppie also did a killer recap of the Horatio Hornblower series! (Hmmm… now there's an idea for an entry.)

• I've been meaning to do this Mananawagan for years now. Please help me find my DVD's! Did I lend them to you? And I remain happy to lend them still, but can you at least let me know if they're with you? So, who has the following:

- The Up documentary boxed set (this is the most important one, please!)
- Running On Karma
- Infernal Affairs (all three versions I own of this movie)

Maraming salamat, po!

• There'll be some fresh Details Later upcoming. Really.

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