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Unearthing the 360
roger in vogue by art attack
Sorry to updating this blog with OLD stuff, but unbelievably, I actually used to blog before my Details Later existence began. I made three stop-the-planet (haha!) entries in the long, distant land of Yahoo 360. Ah, the 360 was the Facebook concept in embroyo, but it never took off. And it will never take off, because they're closing it down this month!

My three bitty blog entries are moving location to Details Later. Have fun enjoying my unintended time capsule of year 2006!

May 6, 2006
So… Blogging. Have you ever heard of it before?

Like, did you know Tom and Katie (oops, sorry Tom. It's "Kate") had a baby? I had NOOOO idea. You'd think that'd be in the news or something. I wonder what Angelina and Brad are up to right now. Those guys get no media coverage whatsover. Those poor celebs.

Many of my dear friends blog plenty and blog well. Definitely fun to read and most of the time I look forward to reading new entries. Wouldn't that be enough fun for the Karen universe already?

Oh grumble.

Besides, I always forget what to blog about by the time I get to paying attention to my piece of Internet real estate. I put Alexis in charge of what topic to write about. I have duly followed orders, so herewith, kind gentlemen and beautiful ladies, is a little ditty about catering. (Oooh, sexy!)

Mabel, Peejo and I attended a media launch-slash-performance of a rightly beloved OPM star. Make that superduper star. Pretty cool event altogether, but the catering? The catering was… something to blog about.

The event's caterers lauched a lavish spread of graham crackers with jelly and Fita biscuits with cheese spread. I punk you not. Then we come to the main portion of the table, offering three chafing dishes of nachos, ukoy and lumpiang Shanghai. That was the best the table could be.

Moving forward, we had an all-expenses-spared lineup of orange "swits" in a bowl, sampaloc in a bowl, cracker nuts in a bowl… other supermarket selections I don't remember anymore. Finally, to drink we had lovely and oh-so-rare cups of Tang. With lots of chipped ice (which totally upgraded it to say, a refreshing orange drink).

I picked up a plateful of "swits" to share with Mabel and Peejo. I love busfare food! Alas, when Mabes and I bit into our respective "swits," we were disappointingly shaken to discover that the "swits" were so unchewy and would stick to your teeth. So unchewy that Mabel and I unashamedly got them out of our bicuspids in the open public. Went right ahead.

After "eating" and right before we entered the performance venue, Mabel and I won the raffle! I won a no-kidding cute watch. All is forgiven?

Photo attached to this entry has nothing to do with catering, but everything to do with how crazy awesome geniuses Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are. They're shown in character as Jeeves and Wooster. That show was like the free whiff of ganja that led to the crack cocaine that is their brilliant work, together and separately. Toodle-pip!

Postscript: Wow, there was short, short blog entry before this one, basically announcing I was starting a blog, and fearing that a blog monster was going to be unleashed! Hahaha! And oh my gash, the pathetic catering spread. I can still see it vividly in my head…

June 1, 2006
Hang The DJ?

Last night was the Manual Last Blast of Summer event (I'm sure it wasn't called that, but that was the idea of the party) at Fiama. It was pretty cool going, and I'm sure it got even more rockin' after I left. (Took off early—the chariot was there and would turn into a pumpkin if I left much later. Chariots are important if you live in Paranaque.)

But even before we got to Fiama, Toto Labrador was his usual "sunshine-y" self during dinner. A DJ was going to be there! What "fun" for Toto! The amusement of this truly dawned on me when we did get to hear the musical stylings of the DJ at the venue. Not so much the selections he was playing (there's a rumble later though—keep reading), but there was the gang at a Fiama booth, listening to the music get louder and louder, making it harder and harder to keep the conversation going. I thought to myself: Can someone explain to me the appeal of listening to loud music at a bar? Was it supposed to be sitting back and appreciating the awesome of the music, like at a concert? Was it to make it conducive to chat that. much. closer. to your companion(s) of the night, allowing more intimacy? To get us to dance?

Because really, with the music that loud and the strain of attempting to talk above the din to be heard by your listener (and you being able listen in return) less than a foot away is not much fun. Or is it? Hence, this shout out to the blog universe for some answers.

Plus, the DJ played the usual suspects like "Lovely Day," a song that will not just go away and leave me alone. Why must it stalk me?

"Karen, who sang this song?"
"I don't know. I loathe this song."
"Is it Mike Francis?"
"Then I super loathe this song."

I think I need to learn to drink a LOT more to get this loud music playing for no reason when it's not a dance club or rock concert thing, don't I? I'm convinced I never get wasted enough to appreciate it. Maybe I'll like it more if they don't play freakin' Mike Francis.

(No offense to Mike Francis fans! I'm one to talk—I'm the Lyle Lovett fan, the Billy Joel fan and a defender of boy bands to make a living. Except you, Justin Timberlake. You just haven't earned it yet, baby.)

Today's Photo: So I got my Numb3rs boxed set DVD over the weekend. This show has me all over other hot shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Lost. I've pestered most everyone I know on how supercalifyouknowtherest this show is. Especially when the Jeans Of Justice makes it appearance. (Squee!) DVDVerdict has it down why:

"Yes, there's murder. Yes, there's violence and crime, but if that were all there was, Numb3rs wouldn't have made it past this first season. It's really a show about family. About brothers. About how the life we lived as children seems so different when we're adults. What it's really about is humanity, which is ironic since the show appears to be about science and math. It's a great cast. It's clever writing. It's tense, exciting, and often quite touching. Most of all, it's a show you can count on to be good TV from the first episode to the last."

Postscript: I still love Numbers! Thought I know wait for the DVD compilation now, and just watch it one go. I still don't love Amita, shucks. Mike Francis? Nope, hope to never hear from him again. Hopefully, EVER. But I may have tempted the fates by mentioning him now, and will be bound to be stuck in a cab whose driver is a Mike Francis fan.

June 7, 2006
What's a superhero like you doing in a movie like this? Or Ode To Bonnie

With my head swirling with Jeremy Piven goodness (Entourage is out on HBO Asia this July!), I found myself some free time to watch Black Hawk Down, a surprising entry in the Piv's filmography. Goofy, snarky, very urbanite actor in an all-out war picture? That SO follows.

I got started on Black Hawk Down twice before, because the casting in this movie is unequivocably genius. Before I elaborate on that very matter, I need to say that the casting director for this movie was Bonnie Timmerman, a longtime casting idol whose name I'm always happy to see on TV or movie credits. I'd like to think I grow up to be her one day. Look her up at IMDB. Genius. (Second to Bonnie is Mali Finn.)

So I finally got to see the movie in full. I made total use of the fast forward button during the war bits, ceasing only to check out longtime Karen favorites, favorites she adores way, way more than the likes of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, both of whom annoy me royally. (Yeah, I like to cause trouble!) There's:

Ewan MacGregor
Eric Bana
William Fichtner (single-handedly responsible for my best laugh in a movie for his segment in Go, among other roles)
Ron Eldard (the best eye lashes in the biz)
Ioan Gruffud
Hugh Dancy
Jason Isaacs
Orlando Bloom
Jeremy Piven (We're married. Married in my mind.)

There's a ton more, and I would happily bore you to tears on why each performer is super awesome in various roles. (Think I CAN'T do this? I hear you snickering!) But the strange thing is, there's a pattern to detect amongst some of the actors of this movie—it's practically a conclave of movie superheroes! All in one space of filmic realty!

Ewan—Obi Wan Kenobi
Eric—The Hulk
Ioan Gruffud—Reed Richards Of The Fantastic Four
Orlando Bloom—Legolas
Jason Isaacs—Lucius Malfoy

Ben Foster (Angel, X-Men) was also cast in this movie, but was replaced when he got injured during the military training. I like to imagine who would win a head-to-head battle of these heroes. Will The Force-infused Kenobi win over mighty evil of Lucius? Will Legolas merely standby looking pretty as Reed and Bruce Banner/The Hulk gorgeously discuss scientific experiments gone awry?

Who wins? Why Hollywood agent Ari Gold, of course! He's hungrier, funnier, snarkier, ruthless-er, mightier yet all-the-more-lovable-for-it persona among the bunch. That trumps all specialized powers, I think. Plus, he's an agent. He controls the roles, baby!

Postscript: Wow, this is getting closer to the Details Later style, isn't it? Even the Jeremy Piven (see main avatar) along with the Johnny Depp/Christian Bale references! (Ugh, Michael Mann [see tentpole Manhunter entry!] directing them both in Public Enemies… I love your stuff, Michael, but you guaranteed I will be crawling, not walking much less running to see it.) But I still marvel how awesome the casting of this movie was. I'm sure three years later, there's probably another star who's emerged from this cast.

Au revoir, Yahoo 360. You were a nice little place.

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Thanks, Karen, now I want me some orange "swits"!

Only in the Philippines, Jenny! Serve them at parties at Wayne of Burgh kaya?

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