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Thanks for checking in, because...
russell by _midnight sky_
… this blog is alive! Not quite with the sound of an adorable Viennese family escaping the Nazis thanks to their singing abilities, but close enough, I guess.

Let's see, over the weekend, I got a new job, moved to Singapore, set up my own apartment, made a lot of new and wonderful friends, got to know old friends much, much better, and watched a lot of movies.

Wait, I'm sorry.

That happened over the last 10 months. Eeek.

I've now decided to end the galaxy's worst case of procrastination and finally tackled the blog demons to write something new here! I don't know why I make blogging so hard on myself. In my mind, it's some epic task, but really… I should not overthink this and keep it short and simple. That way I can do this more often. And Lord help us all, I will!

So here's a nice pocket-sized entry to get me started…

I loved The Wrestler, and was sorely disappointed Mickey Rourke didn't  win the Oscar for that role. I think it pretty much trumped every performance last year, except perhaps for Robert Downey's Jr's 5.0 degree of difficulty role in Tropic Thunder (an American playing an Australian playing an African-American who speaks Chinese? Yeah, Downey can do it. No sweat.)

But that's apples to Mickey Rourke's oranges. Mickey was so openhearted and laid himself bare as Randy "The Ram" Robinson: sweet, defeated, charming and powerful. It's a performance to get lost in.

A nice side effect, if you will, of Mickey Rourke's career resurrection and having slew of awards (except for that Oscar, dagnabbit) is that when he's trying to pass along his comeback mojo to his The Pope of Greenwich Village co-star Eric Roberts. Check out Mickey's Independent Spirit Awards acceptance speech where he implored all the film hotshots in the room to give Eric another chance just like he got his — before he made any of his actual thank you's! (The rest of the speech is hysterical too. Just check it out na!)

Eric Roberts is Julia Roberts' older brother, and  he was the rising, Jake Gylenhaall/Johnny Depp (eeek, don't like the Johnny, but I'm using the actor who played officer Tom Hanson of 21 Jump Street in terms of automatic, accepted awesomeness. Accepted, except by me of course) actor of his day. Except Eric was prettier and had training with both RADA and the American Academy of Dramatic Art.

I like Julia's acting OK, but Eric was far prettier than his sister Julia ever was, and he could probably portray any role better than Julia ever did (even Eric Brockavich, probably). Eric was nominated for an Oscar in 1986 for Runaway Train. That movie really packed a wallop, and I'm still recovering how sad that movie ended.

Too bad Eric got into major vehicular accident in 1981 that messed up the pretty, and he was never centered emotionally after it. Cue the downward spiral of drugs and bonehead roles. Here's Eric though, in the prime of his beauty:

These caps are from a movie he did in 1981 called Raggedy Man, a sweet romance/small-town mystery starring Sissy Spacek (can you see her in the window above the phone?), Sam Shepherd and Eric Roberts. It's set during World War II in a small Texas town, where Sissy plays a phone operator. Eric is a sailor on his way home for a four-day liberty when he finds out in the scene above that his sweetheart has married someone else. What's a sailor on leave with no place to go to do?

Sissy's character is a single mom of two boys (cute and non-precocious, the elder son played by a pre-ET Henry Thomas) and Eric's character bonds with her fatherless kids, and sweetly romances Sissy. It's a charming and simple movie — and the kind that would never be greenlighted in today's industry. Sayang. The charming and simple part is only 2/3rds of the movie though. The mystery portion happens after the love story.

Eric's typecast as wackos or snivelling villains, but he can easily play affable and tender. I wish he can do a role like that again. Eric's definitely settled, cleaned up his act and reconciled with his superstar sister. (And oh, he's the dad of Emma Roberts too.)

But hey, it turns out though, Eric may have had his "comeback" already, having starred in the second biggest box office movie of all time. Yup, he was in The Dark Knight. Which I haven't seen at all. Was he good in it?

See you soon, friends!

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karen, stop talking about movies na and start talking about YOU.

ah but eric roberts BA (before accident).. we fell in love with him in "king of the gypsies" (didn't brooke shields play his baby sister?)

Heh. I've really just written about movies/books/music/general commentary on pop culture in this blog. Do I want to use my (live)journal for actual... journalling? Hmm...

And yes, Brooke Shields played Eric's sister in King of the Gypsies (which I have on VHS. Antique!). Their parents were played by Judd Hirsch and Susan Sarandon. Them having two ethereally beautiful kids (at least in that universe) is definitely upgrading their gene pool.

It's Aliiiive!

Woohoo! Can't believe this blog is back from the dead! O sige na nga, loooong hibernation...Here's hoping you're gonna post regularly from here on in. Once a week, pwede? I'm sure you can manage it. Talk about Supernatural next time. O, there's a ready-made topic for ya! For sure you can write that one to death, hahaha!

Re: It's Aliiiive!

This is Terrie, btw. Forgot na naman to identify myself, geez! :D

Is that you below giving me the lowdown on Eric's role in The Dark Knight? :)

(Get na a LiveJournal account! You can have an account without having to, uhm, journal!

Bet you had a good breakfast: kopi, siapoa, and the prettiness of Eric Roberts!

Eric Roberts' "comeback"

Eric played--surprise!--the "capo di tutti i capi" in The Dark Knight--complete with slight Italian accent. He wasn't bad. But it wasn't what you'd call a landmark performance, either. For him, that was probably a day in the office--he walks in, does his stuff, goes home, grabs a beer. ;)

Re: Eric Roberts' "comeback"

Ah. Then I await his "actor" comeback a la The Wrestler.

Haha, about the beer. Yeah, working with Chris Nolan? Just another day at the office.

Did Eric share any scenes with (gulp) Christian Bale?

Re: Eric Roberts' "comeback"

Yeah, this is Terrie! Forgot na naman to ID myself! ;) Yeah, he had some scenes with Christian Bale as Batman, but most of his scenes were with Heath (Eric's character hired the Joker to get rid of the Batman and ended up being usurped by the clown for the head villain post) and Aaron Eckhart...

OK, next post, ha? Due Sunday! HAhaha!

omigod, I couldn't believe my RSS reader when your blog came up! Wooooooooooo! Wait, you forgot to identify your photo--ano bah, kelangan may cutline :D

Why is Eric Roberts so familiar?? I don't think I've seen any of his movies (unless it was one where he was Soldier #485 or something). On a completely non-sequitur note, I watched Watchmen, and gotta say, Patrick Wilson was so good in it I didn't realize it was him til the middle of the movie! :D

Eric Roberts has appeared in so many things....

...the Dark Knight to Dark Angel! (Naks!) The guy probably never said no yata.

Wow, you know how to use RSS! Me so RSS-ignorant, haha.

Patrick Wilson? I heart him. Even he played a gone-to-seed Dan Dreiberg, his ass was FOINE. How did he manage to do that? Well, maybe because he keeps showing his derriere in the first place. (It was seen a lot in Little Children.)

What photo do you speak of that needs captioning?

Re: Eric Roberts has appeared in so many things....

The one in this blog post, hellow :D

Have to agree with that mighty foine ass! Haaaaaay....

Re: Eric Roberts has appeared in so many things....

The Eric Roberts pics, or do you mean the Marimekko on the wall?

Hee. Glad you still check out LiveJournal land now that you have a different blog host!


OMJ (Oh My Jonas)! Is that Emma Robert's dad. Was he an actor too?

hahahaha just kidding karen! i've been into imitating (annoyingly so i admit) tweens!


Hee! I swear, Eric Roberts is a future Rogue guy in the section of Rogue about Rogues!! (two exclamation point for tween effect!)

When are you visiting na?

KAREN!!! As usual I am late to the party :( I love your Marimekko wall hanging! And hey, is that your Poang I espy in the foreground? :) I want to visit you naaa!

So lovely to look upon Eric Roberts, pre-accident!

I miss you, Karen!

(BTW this is Jenners!)

Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Yes, I have acquired by long-desired Poang chair! It's still as brilliant as ever, chair-wise!

Sige, let's see each other na? Are you coming to Singapore in October, or am I going to the US?

(PS. Love the lions and lambs avatar!)

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