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An Amuse-Bouche: I Want To Watch This Na!
jesse by 40licks22

"Do you believe in magic? Do you think small can be beautiful? Are you looking for a little film you can make your own, an enchanting, unpretentious blend of music and romance you can watch forever?"

You can't buy reviews like this. This is how Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times describes a movie called Once. After all the bluster of the Spidey's and Pirates and ogres, was there really any movie to look forward this (American) box office summer? One that wasn't a sequel, maybe? (OK—maybe Bourne Ultimatum.)

But a little film I could love forever could end my movie-watching dilemma. I'm ready to be inspired! Once is set in Dublin, where Street Musician boy and Czech emigré girl, meet, bond over music, perhaps find love. "The formula is simple: two people, a few instruments, 88 minutes and not a single false note," the New York Times tells me.

And hey Street Musician boy is played by Glen Hansard, who I still remember from The Commitments. You're still cute, Outspan Foster!

Here's the trailer. More music, pics and info at here.

Coming soon (for reals): Why this boy is the Idol winner Simon is drooling to have in the American version of the show. (And no, not in a Ryan Seacrest way. Please.)

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hellooooo, kalan! *waves* oooo, i'm intrigued by Once. Dadating kaya yan dito?

Dadating kaya yan dito?

The easy answer would be no. Alas.

BUT, with the reviews this movie has been receiving, and if it wins a few awards later in the season… we can only hope!

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