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Is Daniel Craig here?
thanks tinamishi!
I'm trying to figure out if my picture-posting abilities are up to snuff. Roger Federer's pic WAS supposed to be here on Entry #1, but he's hiding. Maybe Daniel on flickr should do the trick. Is he? Doing the trick?

Daniel Craig is James Bond, you know. The only other James Bond I've seen is Timothy Dalton. How cool am I? (Not very.) I've always found the James Bond movies so tedious. Bang, bang. Nudge, nudge. What ba is the pathos of the Transformers? as I queried once on another blog. It didn't help that Pierce Brosnan was cast as the most recent Fleming hero. I've never cared for him. (And I grew up in the Remington Steele era. The annoyance begins! Go Miles Murphy! Or Murphy Miles! You were loads cuter!) Pierce always seems so… benign . Plus, no substantial acting chops. He was OK, but that was it. OK.

As for Daniel, he's the opposite of benign. He exudes and expresses so much. I've been having a Daniel Craig month. First, the mini-series Sword Of Honour, from Evelyn Waugh's novel, then Archangel, from Robert Harris's novel. Blew my Hong Kong money buying British DVD's!

It helps that Martin Campbell and Michael Wilson, producer and director of Casino Royale respectively, promise a real plot, real PATHOS for James Bond this round. Daniel Craig is just the man for the job.

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was in the hospital last night and got to reading tabloid fare my MIL had...and guess who had a shot of his deliciously buff body, with the "award," Best Bond Body?


Hmmm… I mean, who could it be?

Ah, I'm giving up the ruse! Of course, the CRAIG would be it. I just watched him over the holiday in Archangel. Gahhh, he really has "charasma!" For him to be a kick-ass thespian, too? The James Bond Franchise is so LUCKY.

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